Enneagram of Compulsion





A compulsion is something you have to do.






To grow you must give up the compulsion.





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Each type has a compulsion, which is that behavior they must do in order to feel good, about who they think they are (the self-image). Type One’s, Perfectionists, have a compulsion to be perfect and make perfect. They continually try to perfect themselves, others, and the world around them. This compulsion most often manifests in the form of criticism. One’s have a severe inner critic that judges everything they do. One’s are used to this voice and they think that everyone has such a voice. Because of this Perfectionists feel free to give others criticism in an effort to improve them. Such criticism is often not well received and creates frustration and alienation in relationships. One’s often lack insight into how their criticism effects others.

Through study of the Enneagram Perfectionists may learn that they are too critical. As a result they  make a commitment not to correct anyone "today." When making such a  commitment, what do you think happens to them before lunch?

Either they feel terrible about themselves because they are not doing what they "should" be doing (correcting others), or they have already corrected everyone anyway. A compulsion is a behavior you must do to feel good about who you are. It maintains self-image. A compulsion is very hard to stop.

Each type has a compulsion. We must discover our compulsion and work to give it up.

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