Heart of Georgia Labyrinth Project


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A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that represents wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The labyrinth symbolizes a transformative journey to our own center and back out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as tools for meditation, centering, and healing. Labyrinths bring people together on the common path of life.

Our community of Macon, Georgia needs a labyrinth.

A labyrinth can be a focal point for uniting in common goals. It can be a place for accepting the diversity of race, age, gender, and culture as we all walk the path together. A labyrinth can be a place of celebration. It may be a place of remembrance. In hard times it helps people pull together. It is a container for hope and healing.

Join with us in building a labyrinth. The Heart of Georgia Labyrinth.

Let us begin Macon’s Labyrinth Project.

Then, in the new millennium and beyond, the labyrinth will remain as a tool for our community to walk and unite in peace and harmony.

The Vision:

  • The vision for the Heart of Georgia Labyrinth Project is to build a permanent outdoor labyrinth at a central location in downtown Macon, Georgia.
  • The vision is for a central gathering place which serves as a haven for tranquility, reflection, and meditation.
  • The vision includes portable canvas labyrinths that can travel to schools, churches, and other organizations. They will be used to teach about the labyrinth’s many lessons regarding our common journey on the path of life.

The Heart of Georgia Labyrinth is now completed as the "Rose Park Labyrinth"

Click Here for information on a 20 foot canvas classical labyrinth that is available for local use.

Contact Person:

Dan Johnston Ph.D., Clinical psychologist, is seeking support for the Heart of Georgia Labyrinth Project. If you are interested please contact him at

5663 Taylor Terrace
Macon, Georgia 31210
email: dan@lessons4living.com

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