Imagination: What is Your Mind Doing

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Once you become relaxed, we don’t know for sure what your mind will do. It could wander off to some worry, concern, or aggravation and begin to undo your now relaxed state. You would create more stress. To be sure that does not happen, you need to use your mind in a special way.

Once you are relaxed, you use your imagination to imagine that you are in one of your favorite, peaceful, pleasant places. This could be the beach, the mountains, a vacation spot, or your front porch. It does not matter where it is as long as it would be a place where you would be peaceful and relaxed. While you are busy thinking of this peasant place, you cannot at the same time be thinking of a worry.

As you think of your peaceful place, you will continue to relax and become more and more relaxed.

Time to practice.

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