Choices of Lifestyle: Organizing Life

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Are you organized

or spontaneous?



Two additional preferences are commonly employed with Jungian typology. They were not developed by Jung but added later by the personality researchers Elizabeth Myers and Katherine Briggs. These are the lifestyle preferences towards "order and structure" or toward "openness and spontaneity." The preferences are labeled as Judging or Perceiving and represent a general orientation to daily life.

Judgers like a planned and organized life. They like having schedules and a "to do list." Vacations and trips are well thought out. Their offices are neat and structured. Relationships have their time and place. "If it is not planned don’t do it."

Perceivers like a spontaneous and flexible life. They do not like the restrictions of a schedule. They like things to be open-ended. A vacation with only a general plan and no reservations is fine with them. Spur of the moment activities excite them. "Just do it, don’t plan it."

Lifestyle Choices









Likes Structure

Go with the Flow

Other Opposites of Personality

The complexity and challenges of midlife are increased by other "opposites" of life. We have inner psychological components of which we know very little. Insight must be gained into these hidden aspects of our nature if we are to take the journey to wholeness. Two of these aspects are the Persona and the Shadow.


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