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Discover the Simple Solutions for:
  • Choosing your best attitude.
  • Improving your self-esteem.
  • Creating motivation for change.
  • Undoing what stress does to you.
  • Worrying less and enjoying life more.
  • Bouncing back from life's ups and downs.

What people are saying about Lessons for Living:

"Simple, practical, and powerful lessons on the importance of attitude, responsibility, and choice in shaping our lives."
~ Robert A. Johnson -Author of He, She, and Owning Your Own Shadow

"Dan Johnston manages to simplify his wisdom in such a way that change and recovery seem possible and rewarding. Bravo!"
~ Portia Nelson -Author of There's a Hole in My Sidewalk

“Dan Johnston provides sound approaches to life’s problems with the compassion and understanding of an experienced therapist.”
~ W. Douglas Skelton, M.D., Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, Mercer University.

“Cogent, concise proverbs to help us lay claim to our own lives. Dr. Johnston shows us clear, simple ways to move beyond projection, blame, and familiar misery. Words of wisdom condensed.”
~ Fr. Dan Edwards, Co-director of Omega Point, Author of A Study Guide to Prayer Book Spirituality.

“Everyone can benefit from the insights in Lessons for Living. In it, Dan Johnston gives us a down-to-earth guide to a happier, healthier life.”
~ Oby Brown, Features Editor, The Macon Telegraph.

“Dan Johnston helps us transform the challenges and stresses of today into possibilities for tomorrow. His practical experience and optimistic outlook come to life for the reader.”
~ Don Faulk, President, CEO, Central Georgia Health Systems.

"Lessons for Living offers wide-ranging, practical advice that highlights the importance of attitude and action in meeting the challenges of daily life."
~ Perry Buffington, Ph.D., Author of Cheap Psychological Tricks.

"Dan offers encouragement for a fuller life through brief lessons. You will want to read it cover-to-cover, and then return to particular lessons, as situations arise, for daily reflection and/or to share with others."
~ Jean E. Hansgen, MSN, RTTY
Owner, Harmonious Balance
: A Recovery and Enhancement Store

Recent Clients

Medical Center of Central Georgia
Mercer Health Systems
Landers Dental Clinic
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Brown and Williamson
Lee Memorial Hospital

Simple Solutions for Life's Problems


The Problem

Working in a service related industry, one in which customer relations are important, is a challenging job. Over time, the demands of such work can deplete the resiliency resources of the hardiest of your staff resulting in:

  • Stress and stress related disorders
  • Negative attitudes and low morale
  • Poor service and dissatisfied customers

You need to develop a resiliency-focused, "bounce back" team, but face the usual problems of providing training.

  • Time required away from the work setting
  • Cost of designing programs, training trainers, or hiring consultants
  • A variety of competing training demands

The Solution

  • Build a resilient work force with a unique experience requiring minimal time away from the job.
  • Give your employees the help they need with an incentive gift of the book: Lessons for Living: Simple Solutions for Life’s Problems.

Lessons for Living: Simple Solutions to Life's Problems is a self-help book with practical advice on what to do to make life go better. Each short, easy-to-read chapter has common sense information to help you change your life.

The Process

Lessons for Living quickly teaches the common sense skills needed for managing stress and avoiding burnout while also emphasizing practical ways of building resiliency and coping with difficult people. In short, easy-to-read chapters your employees will learn the importance of individual responsibility for daily attitudinal choice and how this critical choice determines life experience.

While the book alone is an excellent resource, it can be accompanied by the informative and entertaining "Lessons for Living" lecture series. These brief teaching sessions can be offered as in-service education workshops, staff meeting programs, or, if desired, as "Lunch and Learn" classes that add no additional training expense to the organization.

The Advantages

Many companies provide rewards and incentives to employees ranging from gift certificates and vacation trips to Christmas bonuses. Most incentives are one-time use items, but the gift of a book has staying power. Not only are books perceived as high value items, but they also offer on-going benefits as they are read, reread, and put into practice. With Lessons for Living your employees will learn to take responsibility for making positive life choices. Positive, optimistic choices will affect not only their lives but also the lives of those people with whom they work, and those people who they serve. Both morale and customer service will improve.

Help your employees build healthier, more resilient lives, and you will see the benefits in morale, customer service, and on the "bottom line."

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About the Author

  • Daniel H. Johnston, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and former Director of Psychological Services at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon, Georgia. He currently serves on the faculty of the Mercer University School of Medicine.

  • Over the past twenty-five years Dr. Johnston has taught self-help skills to thousands of people in settings ranging from hospitals and clinics to community groups and churches. He is a frequent guest on local television and has his own weekly show on 13WMAZ in Macon, Georgia.

  • Dr. Johnston has developed the popular Awakenings Web site and offers information on psychological health to tens of thousands of worldwide visitors each year. He is a columnist for the Macon Telegraph newspaper.

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