How You Resist Yourself.

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In case you doubt that you are naturally resistant, let’s consider how you actually resist yourself. You have most likely worked hard to bring about a change in your life that you immediately resisted. Can you think of such a change? How have you resisted yourself?

Most people say that they never do this but consider, "Have you ever planned a diet or an exercise program?" If so, you may recall that you resisted yourself.

On the first day of your diet what did you do? Either you broke the diet right away or you decided to start "next week." This is resistance to change. In regard to need for exercise you might decide to awaken each morning at 5:30 am and go to run for 30 minutes. What do you think happens the next morning when the alarm starts to sound? That’s right you hit the snooze alarm and go back to sleep.

A key point to recognize about resistance is that it is trying to tell you something. Resistance is information. We must actively seek the message. What do you think that turning off the alarm is trying to tell you? It is not that you should not exercise. Your resistance to getting out of bed so early may be simply saying that this is a bad plan for you. You may not be a morning exercise person. Your resistance is saying to change the plan. Switching to 5:30 p.m. after work may be fine. You are an afternoon exercise person.

It is the same with dieting. Your resistance to dieting does not mean you should not lose weight. It most likely means that the diet you are trying is not for you. It may be too stringent or inappropriate in some other way. Change the type of diet and things may go fine. Resistance is information. Learning to listen to the resistance may help you make the changes in life that you need.

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