Simple Solutions


Simple does not mean easy!






Success comes from intentional daily effort


We have been discussing one of life’s simple solutions. Life has many simple solutions. This simple solution is to change your experience of life by changing you reaction. Life acts. You react. Choose your reaction. The simple solution is to change the way that you think.

This solution is simple in the way that many of life’s other simple solutions are simple. For example, weight loss is simple. You only have to do two things which anyone can understand. To lose weight all you have to do is: (1) to eat less and (2) to exercise more. This is the essence of simplicity. If, however, you have ever tried to lose weight then you know that it can be extraordinarily difficult. What is simple is not always easy. Simple does not mean easy. The simple solution of changing your reaction to life by choosing what you think is very difficult. To accomplish it requires what every other simple solution requires and that is - discipline. The discipline of intentional daily effort is needed. You must choose to do it and you must do it every day. If you want to lose weight then you choose to diet and exercise daily. Stop for a while and progress stops.

In choosing your reactions to life you must observe yourself everyday. You strive to catch your negative thinking as it starts so you can reprogram it. Do it everyday whether you want to or not. Do it long enough and it becomes a habit. With the self discipline of a habit you avoid the repetitive holes in the sidewalk of life. You are in charge of you and life goes better. Remember: Pay attention to what you think. Look out for the holes in the sidewalk.

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