World's Easiest Stress Test
If you feel like this cat looks,
you are too stressed!

Scroll down to learn ways of de-stressing.

Stress Cat

Here are some simple ways to relieve stress.

Watch a sunset Go to the beach Be positive
Sing a song Pet a dog Tell a joke
Listen to music Blow bubbles Take a nap
Dance a jig Take a walk Write a letter
Have a cup of tea Ask for help Smile
Take a break Do it now! Stretch
Keep a journal Hum a tune Practice patience
Get up early Meditate Do Tai Chi
Play a drum Prioritize Give a hug
Throw a ball Play with a child See a movie
Plant a flower Say "No" Set Limits
Eat a snack Read a book Practice kindness
Light a candle Laugh out loud Lie in the sun
Walk in the rain Run in the park Talk to a friend
Take a bubble bath Avoid negative people Take a deep breath
Ask for what you need Go to bed on time Walk a labyrinth
Give a compliment Clean a closet Go barefoot
Give a blessing Watch a sunrise Say a prayer

Learn to "undo" what stress does to you with a simple relaxation procedure.

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