Types in Action

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Now that you are familiar with the nine possibilities of personality, let’s imagine that a group of all nine types are going on a journey together.

Along the way they encounter a river they must cross. Each of these types is unaware of their true nature and unconsciously confronts the river in their own compulsive way.

Crossing the River in Styles

ONES approach the river from the one and only perfect place to cross.

TWOS start to cross the river then double back to help others cross. As they continue to do this, they never get to cross the river themselves.

THREES wait at the edge until they are the center of attention. Then they wear their best and do attractive strokes.

FOURS use a variety of fancy styles and even do a water ballet.

FIVES never get into the river. They hide behind trees and take notes on what everybody else does.

SIXES stride into the water and do the traditional over-arm stroke.

SEVENS splash and dive and generally have a party, and it doesn't matter if they never cross the river.

EIGHTS march into the water and swim upstream - against the current.

NINES amble into the water and float downstream with the current.

These humorous insights into the Enneagram types captures our nature when we are locked into the "box of personality."

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