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Lesson Eight: "The Four Levels of Healing."


There are four levels of healing:





Welcome to Lessons for Living.

Today’s lesson is on: "Healing."

Sometimes life falls apart and we have to put it back together. When life is broken we want to be made well again. We often seek a cure. To be cured is to eradicate a problem so that it no longer exists. Sometimes we can be cured of our problems. Sometimes we cannot. If we can’t be cured perhaps we can be healed.

Curing and healing are different. Healing is to be made whole, and it is fundamentally a psychological and spiritual process. Healing occurs when we accept the reality of what is and continue to live a full life anyway. Some people live through terrible ordeals and claim that their life was changed for the better because they learned how to become more open and loving. They made fundamental changes in their personality and lifestyle and moved towards wholeness.

Healing occurs at four levels. There is the level of the body and this is what we usually focus on. We seek to make the body well and to be physically healthy.

There are three other levels of healing. These are the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

On the emotional level, healing is to be able to accept all of our emotions without judgement and to express them properly to others. It is not to lock them up inside and let them fester. It is not to have emotional explosions. It is not holding back from showing tenderness and love. Emotional healing is being aware of what you feel and being able to engage the emotion. Emotional healing let’s us live fully and deeply.

The mental level refers to our thinking. It is about our attitudes, beliefs, and values. Mental healing is to have the proper perspective on what you are experiencing. It is to understand clearly what is happening and to face it with a positive, realistic attitude. It is to avoid confusion and elaborate worrisome fantasies of what might go wrong. Mental healing keeps you focused in the moment and provides the wisdom needed for daily living.

Spiritual healing brings a deep sense of meaning and purpose. It provides a sense of connection to all that is. It centers you with that which is greater than you – a Higher Power. You are able to look with awe on the simplest events of life and to appreciate the beauty of the smallest moment. No longer feeling isolated you look at the world through the eyes of love and ask, "What can I do for others?"

With these four levels of healing we need to work on each level each day.

  • What are you doing today for your physical health?
  • How are you opening to and expressing your emotions today?
  • Today how will you calm your mind and become focused?
  • What is your spiritual practice for today? How will you enliven life?

Engage these four levels everyday and you will be taking steps toward your own healing.

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