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Look for Another Train

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Keep looking for your opportunities.






A Western student of Eastern Philosophy was preparing to return to the hectic pace of life in New York City and asked his teacher for some advice about to how to adapt to the change. He was told, "Remember, when you are running for the subway train and see it leaving without you, don't panic. There's always another train."

This is good advice not only for subways but also for life in general. One lost opportunity is most often followed by another chance. When you don't get something you desire such a promotion, that big sale you were seeking, or the house you'd hoped to buy, remind yourself, "There's always another train."

This is a perspective shifting statement, and it doesn't mean that you will not be disappointed, but rather, it's encouragement not to get stuck in the disappointment. If you become overly focused on what you missed, you may lose motivation to keep trying. Or, you could panic into the frantic activity of fruitless wheel spinning and risk settling for less than the best.

Knowing that there is always another train helps us to practice patience so as to be available when the next opportunity comes.

Implicit in this notion is that to catch another train; you must stay in the station, which means stay open to possibility and in the field of play. Keep applying for promotions, making sales calls, and consulting with your real estate agent. Keeping seeking your goal.

Stay involved and when life's disappointments come your way, don't despair. Just start looking for the next train.

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