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Undoing Stress




Purchase the audio file through the services of PayPal. Most credit cards accepted.

Now you can conveniently learn to undo what stress does to you with this audio relaxation training program.

Track One has a brief review of the signs and symptoms of having too much stress and presents the rationale for using  progressive muscle relaxation to manage your stress level. It includes a 15 minute relaxation exercise.

Track Two has only the relaxation exercise accompanied by peaceful and calming background music.

If you have the RealAudio player you can listen to Side One by Clicking Here.  To listen with Windows Media Player Click Here.

These audio files provide a convenient way to practice relaxation and to take your relaxation training program with you to use in different settings. You may want to use it to relax during a break at work, unwind from a busy day, or to help you go to sleep at night.

Instant download. See Below. 

The Undoing Stress program is available for instant download as an MP3 file. You can save it to your computer, burn it to a CD, or copy the file to your MP3 player. All purchases are through PayPal and once you make a purchase you will be directed to a download site. You will also receive an email directing you to the download site.

Click Here to download the 20 minute Track One with an introduction to stress management and the progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Price: $5.00  Now reduced to just $3.00

Click Here to download the 20 minute Track Two with the muscle relaxation exercise plus soothing background music. This is the track most often used for daily practice. Price: $5.00  Now reduced to just $3.00

 (These files are 18 MB and will takes about 2 minutes to download with a broadband connection but may take up to 45 minutes with a dial up connection.)

Use of Relaxation with Cancer Patients

  • One special use of relaxation training is to help cancer patients cope with the stress of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Becoming very relaxed not only controls anxiety but helps to reduce some of the side effects of treatment. 
  • Click Here for more information on relaxation and cancer.
  • Click Here to read instructions for cancer patients' use of the Undoing Stress program.

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